About Drink Sunshine

At Drink Sunshine we combine strategic brand expertise with a coaching approach. We specialize in executive coaching, personal branding and branding consultancy for organizations and individuals. Our belief is that to get the best results we:

• Set clear goals
• Get to the insight
• Focus on our strengths
• Stay true to our values
• Be authentic
• Have a strategy
• Take action
• Be consistent

For Individuals :
Our aim is to help individuals gain a better understanding of their own unique assets and, through coaching, discover ways to make the most of these assets in their day to day life. This helps our clients to progress more quickly in their roles, gives them valuable insight into their own abilities and instills confidence to pursue their goals.

For Organizations :
Our strengths-based personal development coaching represents a valuable investment in your employees, helping them to be more productive and fulfilled in their work and so aids work satisfaction and retention.

For Brands: Our approach to branding strategy is based on gaining insight into customer needs, bringing clarity about the benefits that the brand offers and creating ways to build competitive advantage in the marketplace.