Suzanne Gough - Founder / Director

Prior to starting Drink Sunshine Suzanne worked in senior marketing positions for large multinational companies for over 13 years. Her most recent roles were Head of Innovation and then of Market Research and Commercial Planning at Cadbury in the UK.

In these roles Suzanne lead teams of marketers and specialized in marketing and innovation strategy. Through these roles Suzanne gained strong, strategic marketing experience and was responsible for managing existing brands into growth, creating new market entry strategies and building new successful brands from scratch.

Suzanne’s own first experience of coaching was several years ago as a client. Suzanne worked with an executive coach, primarily on leadership style, and experienced the results first hand. At the same time she was also fortunate to be trained in coaching and went on to use these techniques regularly in coaching her team.

Suzanne’s love of learning is a recurrent theme in her life. She holds a degree in French and Russian from Oxford University as well as a Masters in Marketing, has studied Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently studying for a BSc in Applied Psychology as well as completing her Certified Professional Coach Qualification.

In 2007 Suzanne moved to the US with her family and decided to take this opportunity to start her own business as a coach and consultant, allowing her to combine her love of marketing and passion for coaching and psychology in a role that also allowed her to spend more time with her children. That was the start of Drink Sunshine.